17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Unscrew Yourself from Business Failure

The secret to success in business isn’t doing what other successful people have done; it’s by avoiding the mistakes made by businesses that have failed. Instead of repeating their mistakes, now we can learn from them and best ensure business growth and commercial success.

17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail brings the cautionary tales of mistakes made by many businesses that ultimately led to their failure and which other businesses should avoid at all costs if they plan to survive and grow.

The author has shared some high-impact business lessons for entrepreneurs. This book has wealth of information.

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I have gained a lot of ideas from this book, and there have been many mistakes that I made in my past businesses.

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This book has really great practical advice. I highlighted almost 60% of this book's text because it has so much good content.

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About the Author

Author Pooja Agnihotri

Pooja Agnihotri, the acclaimed author behind “17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail,” “Market Research Like a Pro,” and “The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business,” has been a guiding force in business education for over 14 years. Leveraging her extensive technical and business background, she is on a mission to equip businesses with the insights needed for survival and sustainable growth.

With a keen eye for pitfalls, Pooja’s goal is to steer businesses away from the common mistakes that can lead to failure. She views these mistakes not as setbacks but as valuable learning opportunities. Pooja recognizes that the line between business failure and growth is often thin and strives to bridge that gap through timely intervention.

Other Books

Market Research Like a Pro

The Easiest Guide to Market Research

The wisdom from Sun Tzu’s world-famous book, The Art of War, has been widely applied by many top-class CEOs to drive their businesses to success. One of the quotes from his book reads, “ If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” That translates to business as, “If you know yourself, your customers, and your competitors, you need not fear about your business anymore.” But how can entrepreneurs and business owners do that? The answer is market research.

Market research is the magic elixir that can give you that extra edge you always wanted over your competitors. It can help entrepreneurs in launching successful startups within their limited resources; it can even help small business owners from getting their businesses taken over by giant corporations.

My book, Market Research Like a Pro, is written for the sole purpose of helping businesses not just understand the role market research plays in the success of a business, but also in learning the easiest ways of incorporating it into their day-to-day business operations.

In this book, entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to learn:

  1. How to create a market research plan?
  2. How to collect data through market research?
  3. Where should businesses look for data?
  4. And most importantly, how to put the collected data into action?

After reading this book, Sun Tzu will have nothing on you.

The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business

The Missing Puzzle Piece You’re Looking For

The Art of Running a Successful Wedding Services Business is written with the purpose of helping the millions of wedding services professionals who are struggling to survive the tough competition in their field and are still trying to figure out the secret to standing out in a crowd.

Pooja Agnihotri shares every insight, secret, tip, and trick that she has learned while working for a highly successful wedding services startup.

Technology has undoubtedly made it easy to start a business these days while simultaneously making it tougher to get that business noticed by potential customers.

That is the problem a lot of wedding services businesses are facing. They have the talent but they are invisible to their target audience.

In this book, Pooja shares what can be done to rewrite your narrative and steer your business towards exponential growth.